Islamic Society of Central Louisiana 

Weekend School 2012-2013

1-   School starts on Sunday, September 09.

2-   Every Sunday between 3 to 5 pm.

3-   Students age 5 years and older.

4-   If the student has not been registered before, then please pick up registration form and return it ASAP.

5-   School will start at Old Masjid (2232 Worley Dr). We are planing to move to the new masjid as soon as it is safe to do so.

6-   We have purchased a new curriculum for the school.

7- The Focus of the school is to teach Islamic Studies. It is impossible to teach Arabic or Quran memorization during the short time of school. However, Masjid is working hard to have separate classes for Arabic learning and Quran memorization/recitation in the near future. We will announce the details when available.


   School is in urgent need for volunteers. Currently we have a very limited number of volunteering teachers. We definitely need your help

   We encourage the youth to participate. At least one hour a month is very helpful and appreciated.

   Also we need volunters to supervise the students during the school time. Please participate for the safety of the students.

   For more information, questions or to volunteer/help, please contact school@islamincenla.com .


Download NOUR ELBYAN-Alryssala (program for children)

Electronic Reciter

Qur'an in flash

Nice recitation of surat Al-Kahf